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How to Choose Bathroom Accessories
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How to Choose Bathroom Accessories

How to Choose Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom fixtures are an important part of the room décor design. After all, in a space that usually has many decorative details, large pieces are fundamental to give style. But knowing how to choose your bathroom fixtures is not always easy.

Escolhendo as louças do banheiro

Source: Leila Dionizios Arquitetura.

There are many choices of bathroom fixtures on the market, which can further complicate the lives of those who choose. On the other hand, there are vats and vases of all prices, which may be important for those with a tight budget.

If this is your case and you need to save money, choose traditional and simple crockery, which tend to have more competitive prices. The advantage of these pieces is that they fit well anywhere, as they follow a standard size and have a neutral look. Be mindful of the quality of the material for your own safety.

To choose the bathroom fixtures it is important to know how much space each piece can occupy in the room. This is because there are crockery of all sizes, some with a more traditional design, others with a very modern design. Anyone who has a very large bathroom can abuse the size of the pieces. If your bathroom is small, use standard size pieces.

There are three types of vats: overlapping, recessing and semi-fitting. Overlap vats are fashionable and are embedded over the bathroom countertop. It is very common to see vats overlap in lavatories, as they are usually smaller and give charm to space. They can be found in different formats, which can be an extra touch for the bathroom.

Louças para banheiros

Source: Leila Dionizios Arquitetura.

Care must be taken when opting for an overlap tank, since many are not manufactured correctly. It is important to try to verify that, in addition to being beautiful, the tub is high enough that the water does not splash on anyone who is using it and that the continuous use of the piece is comfortable.

The built-in tanks are built into the countertops and are the most common and most used in decoration projects. And the semi-fitting ones are suitable for people with little space and who can not have a very large workbench. The half-shells are left with an exposed part, while the half-shells are completely concealed on the countertop.

In relation to the vessel, it is necessary to decide whether it will have a coupled box or valve on the wall. It is important to know which part fits best in space, so it is worth consulting a specialist. Major brands usually offer both types of vases on all lines, so the customer always have many options to choose from.

Nowadays, a lot of people have opted for a toilet with a box attached because they tend to be more economical in relation to the expenses with water. Some even have two flush buttons to avoid any kind of waste.

Louças do banheiro como escolher

Source: Leila Dionizios Arquitetura.

It is not always easy to find bidets, as they have become obsolete due to hygienic showers. In addition, with smaller and smaller rooms, it is much more difficult to put one more piece inside them.

If you make a point of having a bidet in the bathroom, it may take a little more research to find it. Some brands still manufacture the parts, which are not always on display in the store. So it’s always worth asking if you have one.

Bathroom fixtures are usually white, but sometimes it is possible to find crockery of other colors in some specialty shops. However, anyone who wants unique and original pieces can venture into looking for crockery for the bathroom in antique shops. In this case, it is likely that some minor renovations are required. But using old crockery can give a lot of charm to the bathroom, leaving you with more personality.

Remember that tub, pot and bidet (if you decide to have one) need not all be on the same line or the same brand. Most importantly, follow a unique style and be the same color, to give a more concise finish to the bathroom.