Luxury house in Barra da Tijuca - Leila Dionizios
A famous brazilian player has shown that he does not only understand about soccer, but also architecture and design by hiring Leila Dionizios.
brazilian soccer player
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Luxury house in Barra da Tijuca

A famous brazilian player has shown that he does not only understand about soccer, but also architecture and design by hiring Leila Dionizios to create the architectural project at a distance from his luxury home in Barra da Tijuca. The residence was completely modified in record time so that the family could attend the World Cup of Brazil in their own residence.

The 600 square meter house in Barra da Tijuca was completely renovated by the architect Leila Dionizios to meet the needs of the family that lives in Europe and is composed by the couple and two children. The project was executed before the 2014 World Cup, as the residence also served as a more than special space for family and friends to gather for the games. Therefore, the architect distributed televisions in various parts of the house, so that no one lost any bid!

Another important point is that, after the Cup, the house would become a place for the family to spend the holidays and escape the European cold, so it would need to be cozy and functional.

Between meetings and online conversations, the architect and house owners met live only twice: one for Leila to meet the house and another to hand over the keys with the completed project. 3D drawings and perspectives from all rooms were produced so the couple could follow the progress of the project and have access to structural changes and decisions about decoration.

It is not always easy to renovate and decorate a luxury home being away and meeting so few times, but when both parties are in tune and there is a good deal of confidence in the work, there is no way to go wrong.

The ultimate architectural design of the distance is a luxury home in Barra da Tijuca perfect for the famous soccer player and his family. With much security and privacy, the ground floor consists of the hall, dining rooms, living and tv, kitchen, playroom, laundry area and a huge patio with pool, balcony and gourmet space. The second floor houses a master suite for the couple, two suites for the children and a suite for guests, as well as an intimate room. Already on the third floor then home and living area.

The decoration of the entire luxury home in Barra da Tijuca is permeated by several references to the family’s favorite sport, soccer. In addition, all spaces have received design furniture, such as Poltrona Mole, by Sergio Rodrigues, as well as beautiful works of art, which help create the wonderful climate of coziness and luxury.


Check out the project’s photos: