Paris Project - Leila Dionizios
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Paris Project

Authoring of enhancing the interior of a house to achieve a pleasing environment for the people using the space: architect Leila Dionizios, with an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Type of work: dining room, living room, kitchen, washroom, hat shop, internal and external garden, second floor: 3 suites, third floor: gymnasium and terrace).

Total area of the property: 450m2.

Location: Maison 8 district, in Paris.

Rooms designed by the architect: living room (40m2), dining room (30m2), entrance hall and suite of the couple (room with 20m2).

Work carried out by the architect: interior decoration, including purchase of new furniture, carpets, decorative objectives, general lighting, painting walls and changing curtains.

Profile of the residents: This is the residence in Paris of a young couple of sports entrepreneurs (in their 35s), with two small children (6 and 8 years old). The couple was already client of the architect, who designed and decorated the family home in Rio.

Italian Decoration style: clean and modern, in light colors with furniture of signed design, harmonized with the boiseries (typical elements of classical architecture) already existing in the house.

Originally in green and white, the walls of the living room were painted light gray, the dining room of rosé and the bedroom of the beige suede. In this way, the rooms have gained the most modern (monochromatic) appearance desired.

Lighting project: signed by the architect Leila Dionizios, who is also a lighting designer, and executed by the company Vigolucci from Rio de Janeiro, which represents several European brands, among which Sonneman stands out.


Check out the project’s photos: