What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it - Leila Dionizios
What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it
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What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it

What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it

You just bought an apartment, but does it need renovations? And you do not know what to do in the apartment before you start decorating? Or where to start?

Calm down! The architect Leila Dionizios brings a series of decoration tips on what to do in the apartment before starting to decorate.

What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it: have a project

Source: Homeplan

  • If during the renovation of the apartment you will have to tear down walls or change them of place, the ideal is to start from it. After all, felling walls or building new ones takes time and produces lots of dirt and debris. Also, floor and skirting will need repairs because of the changes.
  • New electrical installations have to be done first, not only to decorate but also to paint the house. Since you know it will be necessary after breaking parts of the walls to pull new wires and install the sockets.
  • If new lighting is required, this task must be done before starting to decorate, preferably next to the new electrical installations, so that everything is well organized in the light board.
  • Change doors and windows before remodeling the place. This type of work can generate a bit of dirt and debris, especially if they are not the same size as the originals.

What to do in the apartment before starting to decorate it: lighting

  • In some apartments it may be necessary to touch the hydraulic part, which can be very bad for those who already have the house decorated. To pull new water points or repair leaks it is usually necessary to break the floor or the wall, generating a lot of noise and dirt. In addition, the possibility of watering the space is very high, which can damage the furniture and decorative objects if they are already installed in the room.
  • Changing the floor of the apartment is another time consuming task and requires a good amount of time and money. Since it will be necessary to remove everything from the room before changing the floor, the ideal is to do this while the space is empty, ie before you move and begin to decorate the rooms. Floor changing tends to produce a lot of dirt and debris, which can soil or damage the furniture.
  • In the case of wet areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and service area, if renovations are needed at these locations, it is important that they start as soon as possible. After all, the spaces needed time to dry, which makes it impossible to use the rooms for at least 12 hours.
  • Some buildings provide gas for use in both the kitchen and bathroom. The external facilities are in charge of the company that supplies gas, but the apartment facilities must be made by the resident. And making such installations is not always easy as it may be necessary to break walls for the passage of gas pipes.
Obras que devem ser feitas antes de começar a decorar o apartamento

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  • Painting the walls does not tend to be a time-consuming task, but it can be quite exhausting when the apartment is already decorated. It is necessary to remove everything from the room avoiding to stain furniture and accessories with wall paint.
  • If your project requires for plaster finishes, do them as soon as possible. The dust produced during this type of work is very thin and difficult to clean. Now, imagine trying to remove it, for example, from a couch.
  • Whoever changes the kitchen, bathroom, and / or utility countertops needs to keep in mind that this is a fast but heavy job, and it causes lots of noise, dirt and debris. In addition, it is very difficult to use the rooms during a work like this. Therefore, it is worth making the exchange before decorating the spaces.
  • If you will be using planned furniture in your new apartment, schedule them to be installed before moving in. Storage locations are important for good decoration, so having the cabinets installed before you begin decorating the apartment may be critical for the rooms to look good.